Best Power full long range wifi router for home/office | 2020

At that COVID-19 situation, everyone tried to stay at home, and slowly every company, school, colleges are going towards - work from home. we are very lazy to accept new changes, but at this  time moment of the truth is that  "staying home will save you as well as us"

And for work from home you need to have the best wifi router,

Think "while doing important the conference meeting or the important exam of your wifi got disconnected of started making ping-loss" at this type of situation what will you do

Here are some list of some best route  list of 2020, here some of the router we are using from last 3-4 years
you can directly go to the Flipkart / amazon page by clicking that logo

here it is-

1-  Mi Smart Router 4C

Xiaomi Mi Router 3 is a suitable choice for:-

1 Small-sized apartments and networks with a small number of devices
2 People with a very low budget
3Users who do not have internet connections that are faster than 100 Mbps
4 People who value good-looks more than networking features and performance

Mi Router 4C price in India
The Mi Router 4C is priced in India at Rs. 999 and it has been launched in a single White color option, but some Tim price fluctuates, The router has many features and comes with a multi-function unique app, and it's easily available on google play store and ios store, Xiaomi notes that the Mi Router 4C can connect with up to 64 devices – up to eight times more than typical routers. The Mi Wi-Fi app helps you view and manage router settings remotely. There's a QoS feature that helps you manage and allocate bandwidth as per requirement. The app
also offers parental controls to manage what children can and cannot view.

you can directly go to the Flipkart / amazon page by clicking that logo

2- Tenda N301 Wireless-N300 Easy Setup Router

If you don't need extra features, app control or some extra things, then this is the best thing for you, our happy pricing member using it from last 3 years, in this 3 years, no maintains, no  reset, no connection loos, no signal break down, according to him "the best router at under 700", but now price slightly increase, you can get it from amazon at the price rat of around Rs- 999, 

3- TENDA AC5 AC1200 1167 Mbps Router 

With the TENDA AC1200 Smart Dual-Band Wireless Router in your home or workspace, you can create stable and reliable internet connectivity for seamless working and lag-free entertainment. This networking essential features a 1 GHz high-frequency CPU, the 802.11ac Wave 2.0 technology, and the MU-MIMO technology for uninterrupted internet connection in your home

in the box, you will get- AC1200 Smart Dual-Band WiFi 
Router, Power Adapter, Quick Installation Guide, Ethernet Cable
 overall . its the latest model introduced by tenda , and every function is updated 

4- D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N 300 Router

D-Link is the oldest wireless devices manufacturing brand 

If you are looking for an attractive and high-performance router with D-Link branding. D-Link Wireless N 300 Router is the right choice for you. It weighs 64 grams which makes it lightweight.
This router comes in black color and merely 198 cm in height, which gives a sleek and smart
look. With Quality of Service bandwidth optimization, you can analyze and separate the data
streams. The D-Link Wireless Router is an optimal solution for sharing a number of files, data,
music, photos, and videos over the internet with ease. Easy installation with advanced firewall options, With wireless N technology,
D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N 300 Router comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For office use and business places you should use a more powerful router to handle the presser 

5- Asus GT-AC5300 3200 Mbps Router  (Black, Tri-Band)

The Asus GT-AC5300 Router lets you play games without facing any lags. It comes with features such as VPN Fusion that lets you run a normal Internet connection as well as a VPN connection at the same time. It also provides the utmost security to your network from external attacks. To top it off, you can also access and use the controls easily from the ROG-themed Gaming Center, as it has an easy and user-friendly interface.

as you can see the price dropped 25449 to 22899 

If you are a gamer or want to use you would buy a high power full device, before buying that type of device, you should talk to your internet service provider, 

Thank you