Top 10 budget monitors in 2020

The best monitor should complement that new pc you’ve just spent a lot of money on quite nicely. Computer displays are like windows to your PC’s soul, which means that nothing but the best can cut it especially if you’re gaming, 
These days, poor quality displays just aren’t good enough. Whether you’re doing graphically-intensive creative tasks like video editing, immersing yourself in the most demanding PC games, or simply staying in touch with friends and family via Zoom, the best monitor will enhance your computing experience. And, it’s going to be one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make.

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1-  LG 22 inch (55cm) IPS Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, DVI, Audio Out Ports - 22MP68VQ

Colors remain true with an accurate and clear display no matter which angle you are looking at it from. High Definition with Accurate color
Go by each and every word of 'seeing is believing' with the impressive Full HD feature of LG monitors.
Enjoy a fluid movement throughout your hi-res, heavy-duty gaming
Gives users full visibility even in deep-dark scenes
overall if your budget is rs-10000 you can go with this, it got 4.4 out of 5 customer  ratings  

2- Lenovo 23.8 inch Full HD Monitor (L24e-20)  (Refresh
 Rate: 60) 

The Lenovo L24e-20 is a high-performance monitor specifically intended for your entertainment. With a 23.8-inch FHD near-edgeless display, enjoy a wide viewing angle
with crystal-clear detail and vivid colors. The excellent display performance and functions also optimize your gaming experience.

With the bezel width (side) being just 2.0 mm, the Near Edgeless FHD In-Plane Switching display offers an effective solution for a multi-display connection, enabling a seamless visual experience.

The FreeSync technology by AMD prevents screen tearing and stutters, providing a smooth gaming experience. The multiple ports include VGA and HDMI, which lets you expand your capabilities.
Choose where you want your monitor; on a tilt-stand or on the wall. Low Blue Light certification by TÜV ensures these displays are easy on the eyes, allowing you to play much more

3- BenQ GW2283, 21.5 inches LED Backlit Computer Monitor, Full HD, Borderless, IPS Monitor

Designed for Beautiful Simplicity

The BenQ GW2283 21.5 inch frameless monitor combines ultra slim bezels with hidden cable management and the exclusive Eye-Care technologies. Built with the dream combination of LED with IPS panel, GW2283 is bound to bring a whole new visual experience and enjoyment to you with truly authentic colors, deeper blacks, higher contrast, and sharper details.

4- HP 23.8 inch Full HD LED Backlit IPS Panel Gaming Monitor

Gorgeous Looks
This monitor features aluminum and polished resin construction that has a matte finish that makes it look eye-catching.
Fully Integrated Audio
This monitor features built-in that eliminated the need for external speakers that can cause cluttering of your desk
Slim Design
This monitor features an aesthetically pleasing design with a slim profile.
FHD Display
The 60.45 cm (23.8) micro-edge display of this monitor boasts ultra-wide viewing angles that deliver crisp and clear visuals.
This monitor comes with VGA and HDMI ports that allow you to easily connect with portable devices.
IPS Panel
The IPS display technology of this HP monitor delivers a better viewing angle so you can enjoy your content, right from where you are sitting. This panel boasts a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
Micro-edge Display
This HP monitor boasts a Micro-edge design that features a thin bezel on three of its sides. This leaves more room for the display, giving you a larger screen to work with.

3- Acer 21.5 inch Full HD LED Backlit Gaming Monitor (QG221Q)

Buy this monitor for gaming if you don't care about your eyes. To achieve 1ms (measured 1.7ms MPRT though it isn't mentioned in specification whether it is GTG or MPRT) response time it uses VRB. Which is a new technique to reduce response time by strobing back-light and that makes eye strain?

Other than Gaming:-
It has a response time of 12.7ms without VRB. And watching the movie also a horrible experience. YouTube, NetFlix, and Watching movies aren’t recommended according to my experience.

Real Bad thing:-

What I was not expected from this price point of VA panel Monitor is the "Color banding problem". It happens to lower color bit depth of monitor and in the specification, nothing mentions about bit depth or color bit. At windows display settings it shows 8-bit but appears like 6-bit. By ignoring this problem color performance is very good, exceptional color performance for VA panel.

Good thing:-

The Black Level which is very Impressive. No back-light bleeding of panel glowing like IPS panel. Black are real rich black. I watched some HDR samples from YouTube which was amazing. Color is really good and should not have any major issues with professional work.

4- Samsung 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) LED Bezel-Less Computer Monitor 

  • Bezel-less Flat-screen IPS monitor with Full HD display - 1920*1080 resolution
  • Windows 10 certified with 75hz refresh rate and AMD Free Sync
  • Game mode with 5ms response rate
  • See-through the dark with 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Game Mode optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness, and color for any game genre
  • Eye saver mode to play for a longer duration with Flickr Free technology

Samsung is known for crisp images quality and color 

Expand Your View

Simplistic design, total sophistication. Exquisite craftsmanship makes the difference in a flat-screen monitor that's serious about style. The 3-sided bezel-less screen and slim Y-shaped stand bring a minimalist look. In a dual monitor setup, the displays line up for a nearly gapless view.

All Action, No Delay

Superfluid entertainment experience. AMD Radeon Free Sync keeps your monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync to reduced image tear and stutter. Watch movies and play games without any interruptions. Even fast action scenes look clear and seamless.

Moves with the Flow

Now, all the action looks flawless. The 75Hz refresh rate delivers a more fluid picture. Whether you're catching up on your favorite TV drama, watching a video, or playing a game, your entertainment is smooth with no lag or ghosting effect.

Focused Comfort

Protect your eyes and do more. The advanced eye comfort technology reduces eye strain for more comfortable extended computing. Flicker-Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker, while Eye Saver Mode minimizes emitted blue light. Your eyes stay fresh longer.
True Versatility
Connect to more. With both HDMI and D-sub ports, multiple devices can be plugged straight into your
monitor for complete flexibility. Now, your computing environment is even more convenient with additional
input possibilities.

5 - Samsung 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor 

Enjoy the world's most curved monitor, with design as sleek as a pen, 1:1800 curvature, black high glossy exterior. Watch videos, work long hours browsing or content and it goes easy on your eyes. It's powered with game mode, 178 degrees wide viewing angle, eye saver mode, and 3000:1 contrast ratio.

What does the curvature of curved monitors mean?

-A display’s curvature is measured by the radius the curve would deliver if it formed a complete circle.
-When measuring curved monitors, the value “R” is used to indicate the curvature radius. For instance, a 4,000R curvature monitor would form a circle with a 4,000mm radius.
-The smaller the “R” value is, the higher the monitor’s curve.
-In this example, notice how much sharper the curve is for the 1,800R monitor than for the 4,000R monitor.
-As a result, the curvature is now a major consideration for customers when evaluating monitors.
- Design, Resolution, and Size (icons)

6 - Acer 32-inch (81.28 cm) Full HD IPS Monitor - EB321HQ (Black)

32-inch display @ ₹13499  if your wark need a large display or if you are a graphic designer or want to do film making on it, you should go with Acer 32-inch (81.28 cm) Full HD IPS Monitor - EB321HQ (Black),
there are very less brand are there, those provide monitor at the tv price rate 

Acer EB321HQ monitor provides stunning image quality and sharp details with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Through the ultra-high resolution, users can enhance the work efficiency easily and enjoy the visual experience by this monitor. Acer Blue Light Filter reduces the exposure ratio of blue light, which can potentially cause long-term eye damage, by adjusting color hue and brightness. Advanced liquid crystal formula for advanced IPS technology for premium color performance, which has no color difference at any viewing angle. Acer Flicker-less technology helps to eliminate screen flickering through a stable supply of power. Multiple ports HDMI and VGA. Troubleshooting Steps to get the dead pixels activated 1. Apply pressure to the area where the stuck pixel is. Try not to put pressure anywhere else, as this may trigger the creation of more stuck pixels. 2. While applying pressure, turn on your computer and screen. 3. Remove pressure and the stuck pixel should be gone.

6 - Dell 21.5-inch (54.6 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor - Full HD, TN Panel with VGA, HDMI Ports - E2218HN (Black)

Dell is known for the best computer accessory making company 

There’s no perfect monitor for everyone, but this Dell monitor offers the best balance of resolution, design, features, and price. First off, it measures 21 inches diagonally, which is the ideal size for a standard office desk. It’s also 1080p (HD), which is the perfect happy medium between affordable 1080p and super-sharp 4K.

Dell 21.5-inch (54.6 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor - Full HD, TN Panel with VGA, HDMI Ports - E2218HN (Black) we are using it from last 4 years,
and it's running like the first day, it's reliable pocket friendly and can use for the long term, we strongly recommend that 

7 - Acer 18.5 inch (46.99 cm) LED-Backlit Computer Monitor - EB192Q (Black)

Specifications LED 18.5 '' ACER EB192Qb (B). Brand ACER Model EB192Qb Response Time 5 ms Max.

 Resolution 1366x768 @ 60Hz Contrast Ratio 100 million: 1 (ACM). Brightness 200 nits (cd / m2). Display
 18.5 inch Color System 16.7 m POWER Supply (100V-240V): Internal Power Consumption (Off):
 0.45W Power Consumption (Sleep): 14W Power Consumption (on): 18W. VGA Port 1 Port.

8 - Lenovo 18.5-inch HD Monitor 

Made for businesses and industrial applications, as well as home use, the Lenovo D19-10 is a simple and affordable display solution. It has a minimalistic design that is both subtle and efficient.

9 - Acer ED322QR 31.5-inch Curved Full HD VA Panel 144Hz LED Monitor (2XHDMI, Display Ports) Stereo Speakers

  • 31.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) Curved Widescreen - 144 Hz - 4 MS (G to G) Response Time
  • 2XHDMI 1X Display Ports - AMD Free-Sync Technology
  • 250 Nits Brightness - 178 / 178 View Angle
  • Zero Frame Design / 3W X 2 Stereo Speakers
  • Blue Light Filter / Flicker Less Technology

Gaming is just crazy immersive with the screen size and curve. I initially wanted to go for a 4k display but the clarity on this is amazing enough, just make you don't mess with the settings unless you know what you're doing or else some features like "Super Sharpness" will add sharpness to parallel lines in applications like AutoCAD which will leave you blaming the monitor instead of yourself.